Superman vs. Batman Director Zack Synder gave us a sneak peak of the newly redesigned Batmobile today when he tweeted out a photo of the Caped Crusader’s ride covered in a tarp in a dark warehouse. Fan boys are going crazy right now! This batmobile is said to be designed by General Motors and is supposedly something never seen on screen before. The look of this Batmobile seems to be similar to the military style look of the Batmobile from the Nolan Universe. Apparently the whole thing will be revealed tomorrow! STAY TUNED!

Below is some examples of the Bat’s vehicle in the past and it’s evolution. Maybe you can pin down the inspiration Zack Snyder and the team were trying to nab while choosing the Batmobile for Mr. Ben Affleck’s Batman. The movie is tentatively named Batman Vs Superman. It is set to open in theaters on May 6, 2016.

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