Since the beginning of June, Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat have been in a bit of a bind about his contract negotiations. Wade wants the money he feels he deserves after taking a paycut a la the LeBron era and the Heat want him to take a Tim Duncan type financial role but they also don’t want him to go.

The internet was in a frenzy when Wade spoke about the Heat in the past tense on National TV during the NBA Finals. He followed Cavs fans and the organization on social media. We saw photos of his dad wearing a Cleveland Cavs shirt during an event. Not to mention mutual interest between him and the Lakers. His wife Gabrielle Union making certain comments on Social Media as well.

All of these things can be read into and you could probably blame yourself for listening to the hype. Besides the multiple reports about an unhappy Wade and the supposed “lowball” offer from the Heat. Including what Barry Jackson reported:

According to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, the Heat are willing to give Wade $36 million over the next three seasons, with $16 million in the first year. However, Wade’s camp is reportedly demanding $60 million over the same three years, although neither side has officially confirmed the numbers.

Wade has opted out of his contract while Luol Deng has opted in. Not to mention we have a star draft pick in Justise Winslow. So here we are on July 1st and Goran Dragic just resigned a 5-year $90 million deal with Miami. Now what is Wade gonna do?

Well? If you ask us, Team Management will make this all work. To our prediction, Miami Heat and Dwyane Wade are progressing on a multi-year deal! But wait, before we get ahead of ourselves lets take a look at some evidence on why “Flash” is not leaving.

1. He is a “Heat-Lifer.”


2. Justise Winslow sure thinks so.


3. He recently wore Heat merchandise while spotted out in Miami.


4. Goran Dragic has just signed a 5 YR 90 Million deal and we know that Dragic would leave if Dwyane leaves. Do the math.


5. He just followed Justise Winslow on IG. (We all know he followed the CAVS and people read into that.)

11254024_864616570254818_1990053189813615368_n6. Dragic asked Pat Riley how he can make the financials work on his contract for Wade to get his share.

7. Micky Arison is on vacation in Italy – if they were worried best believe he would not be relaxing somewhere half way around the world.

8. Dwyane Wade would be looking at possibly one of the best starting five lineup in the eastern conference.

2015-06-12 12.52.48

9. It is Pat Riley’s single most important objective this off season as mentioned in the post draft press conference. We all know the GodFather can even make miracles happen.


10. Dwyane Wade knows that his legacy will be tarnished by leaving Miami. He is a 3x NBA Champion, 11-time All Star, Finals MVP and much more. All of these accolades were while representing Wade County. It would make the Heat look bad as well but he is Mr. Miami. He will go down as the most popular sports player in South Florida history surpassing Dan Marino and Alonzo Mourning.


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