Last night, after 9 long painful years, LeBron James finally won his 1st NBA championship. It has been a long road for the Miami Heat from last years upset finals outing to all the criticism and scrutiny that had arisen. These comrades showed the reason why they are a team, the city is excited and we can’t wait from the parade. We worked hard this season and we deserve it! Congrats Miami! After the jump is more from as they’ve got the best coverage of the happenings in Miami!

Some of us have been lifelong Heat fans since 1988, since we were babies basically.

The early years, the Pat Riley arrival, the Dwyane Wade and Shaq era for the first ring in 2006, and now the Big Three era that we’re witnessing right now.

The Miami Heat give us a reason to unite as a city and to believe in something. Its been roughly two years since the Miami Heat brought Chris Bosh and Lebron James to join Dwyane Wade in their quest for greatness. We’ve been covering the Heat for a few years now, even before the Big Three united. But its great to see what we’ve been waiting for come to fruition.

The Heat defeated the Thunder tonight at home in an INCREDIBLE game ending at 121-106 and winning it at home here in Miami.

Mike Miller is a beast. Norris is showing so much promise. And Lebron, well, he has become the centerpiece of the team.

Lebron has his ring. And his reaction was heartfelt.

These boys worked for it. Everybody contributed tonight. Even though the season was a bit rocky, as were some of the Playoff performances, but tonight, they showed what it was to be a team.

Now let’s get ready for this parade.

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