Kim Kardashian claims that she has talents. That’s after the internet broke a few times this week due to her latest spread for Paper Magazine, who doesn’t pay people to get on their cover. She just propelled that magazine to uncharted territory with this upcoming issue.

Mrs. Kardashian West is a mother, but what about when Beyonce recently released her completely seductive and hyper sexual self titled album. We all were quick to judge Bey for being a mom and still flaunting her sexuality. She was talking about sexual rendezvous in a limo to keep it G-Rated. No matter who it is, it is the basis of society these days. Judgement is big especially for people who are in the public eye.

Truth is just because you become a mom doesn’t mean you should stop being or feeling sexy. People are gonna hate on things they don’t know. Lets face it, you people all really do care about them, as much as you want to deny it.

In this shoot, Kim recreates French photographer Jean-Paul Goude’s iconic “Champagne Incident” shot. The campaign features Kim Kardashian baring it all in a recreation of a 1976 photo by Jean-Paul Goude, who also shot her cover. Check the NSFW original image below.

To keep the momentum going people have been creating memes of Kim! Naya Rivera (who is clearly thirsty) comments on Kim’s Instagram, “I normally don’t. But…you’re someone’s mother…” I mean did anyone ever mention how Naya’s fillers/injections in her face are almost molded perfectly to look like a Kim K knock off? Or is that just me?

See what has been going on about this photo and some of the internet’s most popular memes below.





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