In celebration of Take Care’s year anniversary, we are re-posting our  Drake – “Take Care” album review. Compiled by our comrades Paula Script & Benjamin Street. Read more after the jump.

By: Paula Script Sweis, Eddie Yvan, Benjamin  Street

“I have been honored to take part of writing  the album review for Drake’s highly anticipated album Take Care which released 11/15/11. This review features parts written by two musically tuitive partners of mine Eddie Yvan and Benjamin Street. Dissected from three different perspectives. Read, Enjoy and nonetheless – Take Care, Thank you.” – Paula Script

Heartbreak Drake, Drizzy Drake, Jimmy, whatever you call him, possesses a certain style and meaning behind all his songs, which gives him his trademark sound. Since “So Far Gone” we all had a taste of what this Toronto native was all about. Smooth flow, Upbeat interludes, Love based lyrics, and in general ear candy to us all.  A year later “Thank Me Later” dropped in 2010 and went platinum, giving us the reaction to Thank Him Now. With all that being said Drake gives us the image of the good guy, love loasted, broken-hearted millionaire, with the ever so edgy style (sweaters). Does Take Care give us that feel? What new, fresh or different perspectives were brought to the table this year?

I was first approached by the title Take Care from his October’s Very Own blog around mid March, the title included the Jamie XX remix of Gill Scott Heron’s classic “I’ll Take Care of You”. Most bloggers became aware of the underground Toronto solo artist The Weeknd  aka Abel Tesfaye whose mixtape House Of Balloons went viral among thousands worldwide. Out of those thousands, Drake came across him from his single “Wicked Games”. Long story short, Drake came into collaboration with the young artist on several tracks, making him known to Drake’s fan base as well as among other types of fans. The acronym OVOXO, Octobers Very Own x The Weeknd, was created around this time. From then young fans, old fans, new fans were representing the “Take Care”, “XO”, “OVO”, “OVOXO”, “That North North” quote everywhere. That was the reason why Take Care was different from the last of his albums, We were anticipating it, excited for it. We had all the energy for it to come out even with the leaks and knowing what we were going to expect. Here is Take Care in reviewed in some parts.

Crew Love Ft. The Weeknd

With 40’s talented production and Abel (The Weeknd’s) unique voice in the back, He questions why this certain women is following him and the crew everywhere they go. He takes up the majority of the song which is no compliant. The “Crew” has a certain style behind it, the way they carry themselves, the name behind them, the attention, which is why the many amounts of women are following them. 40’s power beat on this the track gives you that calm but energetic feeling. It perfectly matches Abel’s style as well. “I think I really like who I’m becoming.” And Drake’s verse at the end make’s it come full circle questioning if his life was different and if he would change it.

– Paula Script

Hate Sleeping Alone

   With production by Drake’s longtime sidekick, Noah “40” Shebib, “Hate Sleeping Alone,” offers a very candid, and honest look into the women issues Drake’s had while being famous. The familiar muted bass, accompanied by melodic synths, create an outstanding, and signature beat which Drake indigently delivers, “…and she gives me all her trust, and I’m abusing it right now.” As with many of his other songs, Drake at his best doesn’t come from his emotionality, but his honesty, and this song is exactly that: pure honesty. It’s his ability to self examine, and humiliate that makes this song so genuine. While the general premise of “Hate Sleeping Alone,” is clear, it’s also cut full of deeper metaphors, and devoid of any cockiness. “Hate Sleeping Alone,” is a great track, and a must play for any fan of Drake.

– Benjamin Street [@Mravenue1991]

Take Care Ft. Rihanna

 I was surprised, but nonetheless glad to see how much of a success this cover of Gill Scott Heron’s “I’ll Take Care of You” came out to be. This preview of just the title was featured October’s Very Own blog dating back to Mid-March, but never would of thought the young king would remix his version of it, as well as inviting a young queen on board, Rihanna. “I know you’ve been hurt by someone else” “If you let me heres what I’ll do, I’ll take care of you.” this was Rihanna’s verse in the track, Drake comes in within 40 seconds “I’ll be there for you, I’ll take care of you” that whom ever he will love, dedicated or protect, there will be no limits, no restrictions, that she is free and no boundaries within. “I’ve loved and I’ve losted” the one quote I am we can all related too.

– Paula Script

Over My Dead Body

Take Care opens up with a song featuring the Canadian songstress, Chantel Kreviazuk. Alot of people thought this was a sample but it in fact is her actual voice singing the chorus. Chantel has the perfect voice fit for the track, She gives a nostalgic feel to it. ”Cause you know I’m okay/ Instead, I ask myself “why do you hurt me?”/ When you know, you know I’m the same/ I know, I know that you don’t love me baby/ Time to take you away from me/ Only over my dead body…”This is a beautiful stage-setter and reintroduction into Drake’s world. He Talks about his rise to fame and the life that it entails; From being on top of the game last year and the many critics he’s had along the way to going platinum on his debut album. ”I think I killed everybody in the game last year, man/ Fuck it I was on though”. ”And I be hearing the shit you say through the grapevine/ But jealousy is just love and hate at the same time.” In my opinion this track serves as a remarkable opening statement on the Take Care Album. It’s a prologue to what lies ahead on the album, which I am sure you will see when listening to it in its entirety.

– Eddie Yvan


One of my favorite tracks off this album. The scene is taken place at a club, Drake is slowing eyeing a lovely lady, All his focus is on her tonight. Drake notices how she is ready to show off, ready to work, ready to show Drake who she is, because she was practicing. You can’t really compare it to Marvin’s Room, since this isn’t relating to a breakup or even a relationship, but at the same time it has the same hook as Marvin’s Room, “I know he messed up, but let a real n*gga make it right.” She deserves better than her last, someone to treat her right, that someone’s focus is Drake. Drake is telling her that all those other guys were practice, and Drake is the real test. “All my girls from the 504 needa drop it right now” The 504 is the area code of New Orleans, LA.

– Paul Script

The Real Her Ft. Lil Wayne & Andre 3000

When this track leaked, it was constantly on replay, This was what the real Drake was made of. The rhythm, the vibe and the lyrics was all something you could of related to at some point in your life. The scene seems to take place at a club “Cause the weeknd’s here, started it right” “Live for today, plan for tomorrow, Party tonight” and message behide it sends out all sorts of different signals. Drake just met a new woman and he feels like he has known her forever, that everything about her is completely unique, but the others around his feel the opposite and don’t want him by her. “If I ignore all that advice”, “They keep telling me don’t save you”, “People around you should have nothing to say.” Drake of course doesn’t take the others words and goes for her, He is addicted to her.

– Paula Script

“Look What You’ve Done”

As with many of Drake’s deepest, and most emotional songs, “Look What You’ve Done,” has to do with his family, and life changing events. The sampling of Static/Major’s candid piano session in the background provides a great backdrop for the picture Drake paints with his lyrics. This song is so incredibly revealing about his aunt, his mother’s health struggles, and the sometimes strained relationship he’s had with his father, that the listener gets a very intimate look at Drake. The most important, and humble part of the song, is Drake’s guilt free, and own inference to the listener that he doesn’t want any sympathy with the line, “boo-boo, sad story. Black American dad story.” While the song primarily focuses on his aunt and mother, his grandmother also receives a spot with a very, personal, and cute voicemail towards the end of the song. “Look What You’ve Done,” is without a doubt one of Drake’s best tracks, and will be ranked up alongside the likes of “Hey Mama,” as one of the best hip-hop dedication songs of all time.

– Benjamin Street [@Mravenue1991]

“Under Ground Kings”

The sixth track off of Take Care is by far one of my personal favorite tracks. This is the song that you want to play over and over again in your car with the bass thumping. This track is produced by Toronto’s own T-Minus who has been giving us great sonically engineered sounds. This song gets you in the zone without a doubt. This is Mad Hatter Drake, his voice matches the instrumental perfectly, The echoing vocals in the background and guitar riff makes this song stand out. Drake makes several references to his mentor Lil Wayne, quoting his rhymes from “Duffle Bag Boy” & “Neck Of The Woods” When me and my crew was all about this rapper from New Orleans/ Singing “walking like a man, finger on the trigger/ I got money in my pocket, I’m a uptown nigga, ah” Drake talks about going back to his old ways and the fact that nothing stopped him in the pursuit of his dreams. With fame on my mind, my girl on my nerves/ I was pushing myself to get something that I deserve/ That was back in the days, Acura days/ I was a cold dude, I’m getting back to my ways. The hook is timeless almost like those of DJ Khaled’s “I’m On One” & Miss Me from the “Thank Me Later” album. Drake discusses that no matter what he pays homage to underground artists and credits the fact that he came in the game that way. Drake displays great enthusiasm about the markings he plans to leave in this Rap industry. People always ask how I got my nice things/ Take my crown to the grave, I’m an underground king/ I bet we can make tonight the greatest story ever told/ Cause I’m down to spend whatever, lately I’ve been on a roll/ And I do it for the city, cause you know the city love a nigga (x3) In my opinion this track displays Drake’s true lyrical talent among other songs such as “Headlines”, “Lord Knows” & “Over My Dead Body”. It fits well into the infastructure of the album and makes it sound well rounded. I personally love the Drizzy Drake that is spitting more than 16 bars on a track.

– Eddie Yvan

Drake is by far one of the most unique artists in the music industry, you can’t really put a label on him nor can you stamp a certain genre on his music completely, and its better if we don’t, it is what makes him Drake. His lyrics, his stories and rhythms hit us all from different points. We can all relate to it from some moments of our lives. Though he has been misjudged in the past and even up till today, His humbleness, style and talent never seizes to  amaze his fans worldwide. 

“May your neighbors respect you, trouble neglect you, angels protect you, and heaven accept you.”

OVERALL : 9.5/10

What Do You Guys Rate “Take Care” ?

Drake - Take Care [Album Review]
95%Easy Classic
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