​​​​​​​Right to Wynwood is a documentary that highlights the gentrification of Wynwood and it’s effects therafter. This piece investigates some unrevealed truths about the former Puerto Rican “Barrio” neighborhood that is now known as the Wynwood Art District. The project was created by Camila Alvarez & Natalie Edgar. These two worked together with many others to show viewers a side of Wynwood that people have never witnessed before.

The documentary has received critical acclaim since its release and it has been screened in places like Miami, Japan, Colombia, Atlanta & Detroit. Last year the documentary took home the “Best Documentary” award at the Miami Short Film Festival.

Now after some time the documentary is officially released and we are joining the efforts to project this to the masses. Being based out of South Florida we want to push the culture as much as possible! Fellow Miamians will get some deep insight on our city was built and its artistic beginnings.

Right to Wynwood from Right to Wynwood on Vimeo.

Below is a description on the project as well as the official web release for your viewing pleasure!

Right to Wynwood is an investigative documentary that explores the causes and effects of gentrification in Wynwood. Through interviews with developers, gallerists, artists, community leaders, and members of the local Puerto Rican population, we seek to tell the story of how Wynwood went from Miami’s oldest Puerto Rican community to its largest art district, and what that means for the future of the neighborhood.
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