We are re-introducing you to those of our readers who already seen our post on THE SHIFT and introducing our new readers who don’t know about it. Written and directed by Miami-based filmmaker Jonathan “Jmac” Machado with a helping hand from our favorite Miami photographer Natalie Edgar,”The Shift” is a cultural project with three elements: A short film, an instrumental album, and a graphic art reel. This project is currently backed but we still have a little over 65 hours to add more funds to this project. The more is always better, You can make a pledge on kick starter to let this DOPE project continue to happen.

ACT 1 : The story of a young rebel who is intent on exposing the fraud and corruption he witnesses in politics. His good natured motives, however, are taken to the drastic extreme in his quest to expose the POLITRICKS
ACT 2 : Rachel is a young woman who is envied by most around her. Young, beautiful, and successful, she leads an apparently fulfilled life. But she battles an inner darkness as she is unconsciously addicted to social media, continuously seeking external validation via MORE LIKES
ACT 3 : A loner / nomad / explorer who has been an outsider most of his life is determined to find that unknown spark which he seeks for. After failing to find it in the external world, he moves the search into the depths of his own mind on his quest to ASCEND.

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