Although this track is still unfinished, the finished version is rumored to be on Cole’s debut album, set to release later this summer.  Regardless if it’s finished or not, Cheer Up still makes for some good listening, so check it out with download below.

I think this song is DOPE! What are your thoughts?

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The first image of what could be the new suit from The Dark Knight Rises has appeared online.
The image comes from the Licensing International Expo, the same place where yesterday’s
Avengers poster was spotted.
The Expo brings together all of the different upcoming films so they can come together with brands and come up with toys and other stuff to sell to kids. Upon first examination there isn’t much change, but under closer inspection you’ll see that the suit has more of a grey colour to it than previous versions. The panelling on it suggests that they’ve adjusted to become more flexible as well. It’s nothing like the change from Batman Begins to The Dark Knight, where they created a suit much more suited to jumping and fighting around Gotham City.” Read more: Is this The Dark Knight Rises Batsuit? | TotalFilm.com  Well, there really isn’t all that much difference between this suit and the one from The Dark Knight—at least from what I can tell in this image. Certainly it’s nothing as dramatic a change as the suit from Batman Begins to The Dark Knight, which was understandable and made sense. With this new suit, it looks like it retains much of what was in the last film.

Batsuit For "The Dark Knight Rises"?