Apple seems to be cracking on some new designs and features for their newest iPhone 7. Forbes reports that Apple may be testing about 5 versions of the phone, each with unique designs.

The potential changes include doing away with the lightning port which was introduced back in 2012. They were suggesting moving toward the USB Type-C port for smart-phones (Android is already expected to make the move later in 2016).

Another model is with a loss of the sync/charge port, suggesting Apple may be looking toward wireless charging as an option in the future.

There is also a suggestion of an improved multi-touch 3D Touch capabilities, dual-camera functionality —- which would give iPhones optical zoom functionality, a radical improvement over the current digital zoom’s quality -— and in-display fingerprint recognition that would do away with the home button.

Check back with us to find out more as we wait till Q3/Q4 of 2016 for an official release.

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