The Miami Heat will finally unveil their “Nickname Jerseys” this friday night vs. The Brooklyn Nets. The names all are relevant to the players, you got J.Shuttlesworth for Ray Allen who is in possible talks for a “He Got Game” sequel with Spiek Lee. D.Wade, King James, Birdman, UD, Rio to name a few. There are some that honestly sound made up just for jersey print purposes but nonetheless, here is a breakdown of all of the players nicknames. Game on!

#34 Ray Allen – J. Shuttlesworth
#11 Chris Andersen – Birdman
#50 Joel Anthony – Doc
#31 Shane Battier – Battle
#8 Michael Beasley – B Easy
#1 Chris Bosh – CB
#15 Mario Chalmers – Rio
#30 Norris Cole – Cole Train
#40 Udonis Haslem – UD
#6 LeBron James – King James
#22 James Jones – JJ
#9 Rashard Lewis – Sweet Lew
#21 Roger Mason, Jr. – Moneymase
#20 Greg Oden – G.O.
#3 Dwyane Wade – D. Wade

You’ll be able to buy each jersey for $75 on the NBA’s online store starting Friday January 10th.

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