LeBron James has single handedly helped his team to an NBA Finals series right after being back from his 4-Year stint in Miami where he received 2 NBA Titles among many accolades. 

The Cavaliers have been the favorites in the east despite Miami adding Goran Dragic mid-season. LeBron James played Player, GM and Coach as soon as he released his letter “I’m Coming Home with Sports Illustrated.

The Cavaliers added All-Star Kevin Love, Mike Miller, Shawn Marion, James Jones and had the bonafide point guard Kyrie Irving. The new formed Big 3 and Cavs really took Miami’s Culture and brought it to the organization ala LBJ. 

Now we are in an Finals where the Cavs are up 2-1 against the best team in the NBA that Golden State Warriors. Chef Curry and Klay Thompson whom are referred to as the Splash Brothers have not been able to get passed the likes of LeBron James and Matthew Dellawhatever. 

Truth is M.D. Is a great defender but lets not get it twisted guys, he is not shutting down Chef Curry. That is blasphemist as Stephen Naismith would say. 

LeBron claims he is the best he’s been? A subtle shot at Miami Heat Management? Or Pat Riley? Probably so. Pat wasn’t big on showering his boys with all the perks he received in “The Land” before 2010. 

But let’s just say LBJ shooting percentage is down, his field goals are up but he is the greatest player in the world. He is carrying a team on his back minus two All-Stars. 

But no, LeBron you are not the best you’ve ever been. Your 2010-2014 Miami Heat run was your best version and will probably go down in history that way. 

2x NBA Champ

2x MVP Award

2x Eastern Conference Champ

And more all under the Miami Heat. 

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