Four our next FEMME FATALE feature we had the opportunity to talk to somebody who seems to be doing it all with no signs of slowing down. From dancing, music videos, and the current dominance on brand modeling ShayMaria is making her presence known with talent, passion, and a great attitude about life! The model discusses her love for dancing, growing up in Southern California, and even gives us a 101 crash course on the famous “California Burrito”. With her eyes set towards the future and a heavy resume already under her belt our guest is taking the industry by storm one brand at a time. Enjoy!

Femme Fatale: ShayMaria

Tell us a little bit about your background and nationality.
Grew up in Orange County my whole life. I’m half South American (from Chile) and half German, Irish and Russian.

Being born and raised in Sunny Southern California, what are some of your favorite memories growing up in the Golden State?
Just hanging with friends at the beach. Always dancing my buns off. Memories with old friends from grade school and high school of course we used to get crazy back in the day (=

Before your modeling career and all the other projects you are currently involved in we understand your first love is dancing. Tell us about your dancing background and how you discovered dancing at an early age?
I started dancing at the age of 4. I attended Orange County High School of the Performing Arts my sophomore to senior year. When I was 18, I signed with Bloc; a dance/commercial agent. From then on I’ve been auditioning and taking class whenever I can. My first major dance gig I booked a Promo for NipTuck season 6 on FX network. I love to dance, its what keeps me going.

Following your first appearance in a music video at the age of 18 you have been featured in several other videos, how did you become involved in the music video industry and what are some of your favorite projects you’ve had the opportunity to be featured in?
AUDITION AUDITION AUDITION. I always told myself- “ughh I never want to do music videos, I don’t want turn into no video honey” ayyyyy and look at me now safe to say I’ve been in at least 10 music videos. I always try to stay away from the more vulgar and rap videos, I don’t mind being a love interest in a video but I def don’t want to be a groupie or anything of that matter. I liked the work on the Taio Cruz “Dynamite” shoot, Taio and I got along real good just kicking it on set. It’s like I got paid to chill with a homie he’s good peoples! (=

With your modeling career taking off what are some of your goals in the modeling/fashion industry and is there any particular projects you are currently interested in?
TRAVEL TRAVEL TRAVEL, I want to see the world!!! I’d also love to do more print work! Be in different magazines and what not. I’d also like to get out of the streetwear game and get more into edgy high-end lines like BeBe, Guess, H&M, Victoria Secret/Fredrick’s or American Apparel. I’d love to do more commercial stuff like Pacsun, Target, Payless, Forever21, Active, Oakley. I’m hungry for it all!

Your face is starting to be a familiar sight in the street-wear genre, what was your first brand model project and how did it all happen?
My first brand model job would be RZST sold at Metro Park. I had my first shirt with them when I was barley 18. Primitive def put me on the map *big shout out to the primitive fam yall rock!* Primitive contacted me and wanted to make something happen so that’s def what we did!

The 2010 Summer Primitive look-book looked super fun to be a part of with a great atmosphere seen in the promo video. Tell us about working with the Primitive guys and can we look forward to any future work between you and the brand?
The boys over at Primitive you can’t help but to love! They’re all so funny and can hold a conversation, Love jus kicking it with them they always make me feel real comfortable n chill. Yes you can def keep a eye out for me in future Primitive projects (=

What are some your favorite brands out right now and what do you look for when a brand approaches you to work with you?
I jus got this sick dress from Stussy ( gotta admit don’t have a lot of Stussy) Pleasant surprise (= Primitive always has fresh stuff, I also like Huf, Supreme, Vans and Oakley has some sick items too. When brands approach me I always look at the stuff and picture me wearing it and if I cant see myself rocking it then its not for me… since I do a lot of men’s lines I like to picture a guy I’m diggin in the threads and if I like it then it’s a go (= BOOOM

Who are you currently listening to?
Aaliyah- Rock The Boat

For those who are not from California and are not familiar with the infamous “California Burrito” please tell us what makes this a must after a long night out.
Hmmm I do believe it consists of Carne Asada, salsa, cheese, fries and sour cream… now I’m not a big fan of sour cream so sometimes I like to go with a carne asada burrito no beans add rice w guac n salsa. MMMMM so gewd.

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