As I previously predicted, Dwyane Wade resigns with the Miami Heat for 1 year, $20 million dollars. He likely took the deal to save money for the 2016 Free Agency. We all know about this 2017 TV deal that will dump loads of money into The NBA. In return NBA teams will be able to give players an opportunity to get even more money. That could get Dwyane right where he would want to be money wise.

To all of the speculators sharing articles about Wade joining the Cavs, Lakers etc. you can hush up now. No reunion in Cleveland with former Heat teammates LeBron James, Mike Miller & James Jones. Can the man just go on a vacation in peace?

Heat fans can finally sleep good and live a little. Wade is a #HEATLIFER – Remember what he said:

It’s My City, My Home, My House.

Now, let’s keep our eyes peeled as Pat Riley is in LA meeting with Free Agent LaMarcus Aldridge! We’ll keep you posted!

Hit the play button in the image above to see his announcement!

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