Lil Wayne and Drake have already kicked off their joint tour which features the two going head to head and battling for the top spot. Their new app which is supplied by by Capcom lets fans decided how the show will go, who will come out first etc. Check out Lil Wayne & Drake’s preparation for the tour and how to use the app. Make sure you download it if you’re going to the tour. Check out Drake show you how it works and download it now.

1. Open The App

First step is opening the app, never mind the 27,000 unread emails and 175 voicemails, that’s not important right now. Note, the wallpaper of the first time I met Weezy; it was a cool moment.

2. Marvel At The Title Screen



Once the app opens up you get this cool “Street Fighter”-inspired title screen. Round 1, fight!

3. Choose Your City



You have to chose your city, based on which concert you will be attending. You can catch me at the August 8 date.

4. Pick A Side



This is the hardest part of the whole thing. How does Young Money expect me to pick between Wayne and Drake? I spent a good 15 minutes just mulling this over. Argggh!

5. Mash The Buttons



Once the game starts, you tap the button at the bottom rapidly to build up your favorite artist’s power meter and then send the energy from the app to the stage.

6. Send Your Energy



Once you send the energy to the stage you get a really polite message from either Weezy or Drizzy.

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