Drake’s third studio album Nothing Was The Same has officially reached platinum status, moving over one million units. The same night Drake & the OVO family touched down at the American Airlines Arena for an amazing show! Future & Miguel were backing Drake on tour as well as OVO Artist PARTYNEXTDOOR. Future settled in the ratchets unfortuantely, while Miguel serenaded to the ladies which is why we were here anyway right?

The largest venue in Miami was ready for a Drake presence they hadn’t seen since the Club Paradise Tour. Drake’s Home Away From Home, that Toronto boy came down to rightfully show us his Miami spirit.

The stage setup was minimal, white ring shaped canvas and walkway in the middle designed for Drake to be closer to the fans. Interaction was heavy during the show and the design team should be applauded for the stage setup! The band which included Future The Prince, Adrian X and more were in a pit at center stage.

The visuals of this show were breathtaking, seems like Drizzy has let it be known that the works of Kanye West have inspired him. We saw forests, animals, cartoon characters, fast cars, city landscapes and more which lightened every performance.

A Little after 9 p.m. Drake stepped out, boasting right into “Tuscan Leather”, coming off the last record! Aubrey stepped out in a white bomber jacket, tank top and the White/Navy Air Jordan 7’s.

He skipped stage after Tuscan Leather and jumped right into a few upbeat intro tracks, “Headlines” & “Crew Love”, the arena shook and it was louder than any performance I have heard.

After the first set Drake started to explain himself. “Let me tell you, I waited a long fucking time to play this building right here,” he said. “I just want to let you know a few things. My name is Aubrey Drake Graham. I was born in a place called Toronto, Canada. I represent that Young Money Cash Money, and I want you to know it is truly an honor to be here with you tonight.”

The Toronto skyline lit up the screen as the instrumental for “Wu Tang Forever” played. Smoke, sirens and a rapper who gives them machine gun raps. Running through more songs, Drake adds, “You know I just had to do a little test to see if Miami was fucking with that Nothing Was the Same, and you passed. But believe me, I understand where we at tonight and now that we got all that slow, emotional shit out the way, this is going to be a show you want to stand up for.”

Then about the livest track to play for the night just due to it’s nature of twerk music, 305 classic “Doo Doo Brown” dropped which later translated to “Pop That” by French Montana. Cartoon booties were blazed in red on the LED screens and boom. Next Drake touched the city with a few of DJ Khaled’s signature tracks, “No New Friends” and of course the smash I’m On One shut the Heat arena down! He encouraged everyone to put their ones up as he sang the hook; “All I care about is money and the city that I’m from”. Only fitting for the city of Miami! He then went on to “Love Me” with Future and had Future not leave the stage without giving more music to the fans. They went on to perform “Same Damn Time”, “Tapout” in which Birdman came out as well as Mack Maine to display what a Tapout is.

After his fellow YMCMB entourage, Drake slowed things down and went to perform the Hov assisted “Pound Cake”. This one had Aubrey feeling like 91′ Dan Marino.

Next Drake was joined on stage by the lovely Jhene Aiko. If you follow music you would know of her, but most people had no idea. But her angelic voice is what brought the track “From Time” to life. Drake sang to her sitting down and standing up, rapping about his relationship with his dad while Fireworks blasted in the background. That completed phase I as Future The Prince took over the stage. Playing old hits from Drake the crowd was feeling the nostalgia.


He played the choruses of “Successful,” “Over,” “Up All Night,” “Miss Me,” “I’m Goin’ In,” “Forever” and “Take Care.”

Smoke billowed out onto the stage as the melodies faded, and the star of the hour emerged victorious once again.

Clouds began to appear on stage and Drake re-emerged on stage minutes later to dive right into performing his smash “Hold On We’re Going Home”. Drake then yelled. “Where’s all my Spanish people in the house tonight?”

He went hard on “Worst Behavior” and continued to “The Language”. Then Drake began to start the process of premiering “305 To My City” in the 305. The giant circle which was up high on the ceiling had been dropped from the ceiling, Drake climbing into it and became even closer to fans in all sections.

After that unique moment Aubrey went down and got into “Fuckin Problem”, “The Motto”, “HYFR” and that’s when something happened that people did not see coming. Lil Wayne jumped on stage in all his crazy fashion and began to rap the chorus.

Drake then stated “the most important man in my life,” while Wayne was constantly applauding Drake.

Drake demanded Weezy to stay for more music. Weezy replied;

“This is your show,” Wayne said, turning to the audience. “Is that OK?” The place lit up and Wayne performed “Rich as Fuck” without 2 Chainz.

Drake then said “I just want to let you know,” Drake said, “I am loyal to that man till the day I fucking die. I feel like Miami needs another anthem.”

This is when we hear the Aziz Ansari original intro to “All Me”. Drake rapped his part of course but gave Big Sean a big shoutout by rapping his part acappella.

Lastly, with a great show under his belt, Drake finished up the show on epic proportions. A reflective clip with footage from his childhood till now played on those major screens. Future The Prince then willingly spun the anthem for 2013, “Started From The Bottom”. This was a real showcase for the Toronto kid with a dream that was made into a reality.

Then after the performance, things begin to fade to white and black as Drake exited center stage where he began his journey.

Nothing Was The Mothafuckin Same!!

Would You Like A Tour Setlist
-“Tuscan Leather”
-“Crew Love”
-“Tuscan Leather” (reprise)
-“Wu-Tang Forever”
-“Own It”
-“Pop That”
-“No New Friends”
-“No Lie”
-“I’m on One”
-“Love Me”
-“Same Damn Time” (with Future)
-“Tapout” (with Birdman and Mack Maine)
-“Pound Cake”
-“The Motion”
-“Come Thru”
-“From Time”
Future The Prince Intermission
-“Up All Night”
-“Miss Me”
-“I’m Goin’ In”
-“Take Care”
Phase II
-“Hold On, We’re Going Home”
-“Worst Behavior”
-“The Language”
-“305 To My City”
-“Fuckin’ Problems”
-“The Motto”
-“HYFR (with Lil Wayne)
-“Rich as Fuck” (with Lil Wayne)
-“All Me”
-“Started from the Bottom”

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