In a recent interview with ELLE, the mastermind behind Jay Z and Beyoncé’s  “Run“ trailer” Melina Matsoukas talks about the creative process and more behind the scenes of the theatrical trailer/movie.

Check out some of the excerpts from the interview below.

With this song, it’s actually a music video—I know everyone’s calling it a trailer, which I guess it is as well. But it’s a music video for his song “Part II (On The Run).” I feel like [at this point] in Jay’s career he doesn’t want to just do a normal music video. So we were trying to come up with a way to visualize the song that wasn’t something that we’ve seen before. So I came up with this whole movie trailer idea and it just kind of progressed from there. We were talking about trying to hide the fact that it was a music video, and the idea was to release this trailer for this blockbuster that you’ll never see.

On Matsoukas pitching the idea for the video:

Beyoncé was definitely really excited. Jay was a bit skeptical, but we were able to kind of force him into it. He’s always interested in doing something different so I think that part was exciting to him. I think he was hesitant about ‘Oh, now I have to be an actor.’ I was like, ‘If it works, great. If not, then we’ll cut around it and make it a more typical video.’

Read the full story here.

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