As expected, seems like Batman will lead the charge of superheroes from the DC Cinematic Universe.

The latest rumors have Warner Bros. insiders saying the future of DC Movies will center solely around Ben Affleck’s new Batman. Why you ask? An early cut of BVS Dawn of Justice was shown to a small group of Executives at Warner Bros recently and it received a standing ovation.

The main point of the ovation was Ben’s portrayal of The Dark Knight. Now this impressed execs so much they are trying to do a trilogy similar to Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy. Which means locking in Ben Affleck to a long term deal as the caped crusader.

We even have word that one Warner exec reportedly called Affleck the “definitive Batman.”

Now it seems as though in our opinion that they go one movie taking place before BVS and two films taking place after. That way we can capture a younger Batman since he is a 20-year seasoned vet by the start of Batman V. Superman.

Three solo films with Batfleck? I think the idea will be great for Warner Bros. Let’s wait and see how legit these rumors are!

Give us your thoughts!

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