Warner Bros. has just released the first footage from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice at Comic-Con 2014. WB is set to bring us many exciting announcements and we’ve gotten a new look at Ben Affleck as Batman and now the first footage from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Below is a brief description of the trailer:

In the film’s first footage we see Ben Affleck as Batman and he turns on the Bat signal. Blocking the light is none other than Henry Cavill as Superman, as he flies in the Bat signal’s light and both reveal that they’re angry.

Batman’s eyes are glowing during this part of the clip and when Superman sees that, he makes his eyes glow red. They’re clearly angry with each other and this is the beginning of what Batman v Superman is all about.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice first footage description:

batman v superman dawn of justice comic con footage red eyes

“The setting takes place at night, in the pouring rain, they’re on a rooftop with Ben Affleck as Batman – in a bulky armor almost military grade and his eyes are glowing as he pulls off a tarp off the Bat signal. It shines into the sky, and then illuminated against the clouds, flecked with lightning, standing inside the symbol, is Henry Cavill’s Superman. He looks angry, his eyes are glowing red similar to what we’ve seen with his heat vision ray. The camera pans in on Batman’s face as he looks angered and ready to fight and then it cut to black.”

The studio also premiered the first look at Wonder Woman, played by actress Gal Gadot. See the first shot of her in Wonder Woman’s never before seen costume below:


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s release date is set for May 6, 2016. Man of Steel actor Henry Cavill will return along with Amy Adams as Lois Lane.

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