Apple’s tagline for the new iPhone is “The only thing that’s changed is everything”

For the new updates, the design is the same, but just has upgrades like more megapixels on the front facing camera and the rear, a new A9 Processor and 3D Touch trchnology among many others.

Apple outdid themselves with the new “3D Touch” panel that is similar to the way the Apple Watch screen works. The deeper you hold the more actions you have such as previewing a photo, e-mail, a website, or press down on an app icon to get quick access to your most commonly used features.

The camera is getting a new 12MP sensor that captures 4K video with a new feature called Live Photos that captures the moments right before you take a photo adding all the motions to your library.

The new A9 processor gives you upgraded graphics and CPU performance, a stronger casing made from their 7000-series aluminum found in the apple watches preventing any bending, faster Touch ID, and even faster LTE and WiFi connectivity.

There is also an iPhone Upgrade Program where users can upgrade their phone every year for as little as $32 a month. Sort of like a financing loan. Payoff your phone in 12 months then get a new one.

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