Agenda Show came to Miami for the first time in the show’s 10+ year existence. The streetwear, skating and surf lifestyle trade show brought 200+ brands to Mana Wynwood. The show generally has taken place in New York around this time of the year but they tried something different this year.

Hundreds of brands, media, influencers, buyers and more brought their brands respectively to sunny South Florida this year. Agenda Show was originally started by Aaron Levant. He was at the time a 19 year old who was tired of the trade show environment and aspired to launch the first show in a Thai restaurant in California. The original number of brands were 19 and all streetwear. Eventually after a decade the show has grown to be the biggest skate, street  and surf lifestyle tradeshow.

The show spans 7 times a year from locales such as Long Beach, Las Vegas, New York and now officially Miami.

“It’s considered a youth lifestyle show,” explains Vanessa Chiu, Axis Show Director and Director of Agenda WMNS. “There’s streetwear, which is what it’s founded on. There’s skate, surf culture, contemporary. In this show there’s not Apothecary but there’s some womenswear… I’d say it’s 75 percent mens and 25 percent womens.”

The show went on for 2 days at Mana Wynwood with free beers, smoothie stands, food trucks, which were set up right outside included local businesses such as Coyo Taco and others. The show brought the local Wynwood vibe of food trucks and art right into the AGENDA environment. There were many noteworthy streetwear legends and creatives in attendance from Jeff Staple, head of Staple Pigeon brand, the Snapchat famous YesJulz to YMCMB Photographer Derick G. as well as local streetwear brands such as LYFE Brand, Indie Swim and many others.The show gave the opportunity for Miami’s creative crowd to represent here at the show. We saw Beach scenes, sandcastles, flamingos and chevy’s. All the essences of Miami. All well-represented from the local brands and creatives.

Even more great news. Agenda Miami plans to return this summer July 18th-19th! Possibly with the add-on of Agenda WMNS, its women’s based-line? Only time will tell but keep it posted here for more information about Agenda back in the Magic City!

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