According to Ina Fried of The Wall Street Journal, Apple will be officially announcing their new iPhone set up on September 10th at a media event. This is said to also be the event and date where the new iOS 7 will be released as well as the enhanced version of the iPhone 5, the iPhone 5S. Rumors also claim that the ‘iPhone Lite’ will be called the iPhone 5C, which will be aimed at users who probably never owned an iPhone before due to the phone’s high cost.


The iPhone 5C/iPhone Lite will be a cheaper alternative and will feature plastic, multi-colored backs. This event will take place on the second to last day of the IFA consumer trade show event in Berlin, which is where Samsung is said to be announcing its Galaxy Note 3, and where HTC will be announcing its HTC “One Max” tablet/phone device. The timing of these two events is likely not a coincidence and it would be unsurprising if Apple’s new iPhone(s) completely steal the spotlight away from Samsung’s and HTC’s new devices.

Some more images and videos have emerged of the rumored ‘iPhone Lite’, Apple’s supposed next iPhone venture which will include plastic backs that come in a variety of colors. Because of the cheaper construction, the iPhone Lite is rumored to be extremely low-cost compared to current iPhone devices which would help Apple break into the lower-end market for smartphones.

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