After about 3 billion miles traveled through space. 9 full years of a journey throughout the depths of our solar system. Passing by many planets and moons of which Pluto has 5, we have made a giant leap in History.

“It’s the first time in 25 years that we’ve approached an unknown world of this size.”


For the first time in history, a spacecraft will be able to check out the planet Pluto up close and personal. This has ahowed us wait the farthest planet from us looks like after about a 9 year wait on Earth.
NASA’s New Horizons craft, which is the size of a baby grand piano, will fly about 7,800 miles above Pluto’s surface for its closest pass of the tiny planet; and as New Horizons finishes its more than 3-billion-mile journey to Pluto, it extends humanity’s reach into the universe. 

New Horizons launched to space on Jan. 19, 2006 for its 3-billion-mile journey to Pluto.

The craft flew by multiple planets through the course of its nine-year trip, snapping a photo of Neptune and its large moon Triton.
New Horizons will be traveling at about 36,000 mph during its closest approach, which will bring it about 7,800 miles from the dwarf planet’s surface, closer than any human-made spacecraft has ever been to the cosmic body.

Check out some video about the remarkable discovery below.

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