Mickey Factz – Mickey Mau5e | Mixtape


The latest mixtape by Mr. Factz with a few great guest appearances and a great beat selection. Tracklist, Download/Stream & brief story below.

Mickey Mause is a pseudo character created by RCA artist Mickey Factz who is thrown into the 1980’s as a graffiti writer who was among the stars of that decade: Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Kenny Scharf, Fab Five Freddy, then mentor Andy Warhol, etc. He flourished as a writer but was later kicked out by his parents for being a troubled youth.

Mause then took to the streets of NYC, specifically Union Square and the Lower East Side. He would sleep on benches and sell his work to make a living.

After a chance encounter, Mause interned and later worked at the Factory, now debunked, but still full of inspiration. His work quickly began getting noticed and his art afforded him the opportunity to work and travel overseas. Mause did fairly well upon his return to the States. He was able to get a home, a girlfriend and maintain a normal career. Fame got to Mause however. He began experimenting with more art, different drugs and different women.

As the story progresses, we come to realize Mause gets swallowed up by the fame and fortune and forgets that he too is still human and contracts the virus we now know as H.I.V.

The soundtrack consists of 17 songs all produced by Mickey Factz, containing sampling from Dangermouse and Deadmau5. The character draws striking similarities toward Mickey Factz (with the exception of A.I.D.S.) and is reminiscent of his own bubbling career ready to break through the barriers of pop culture. Get the entire project below.

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