Concrete Hearts is all bout promoting the culture and future of the world. We recently stumbled upon a project called “The SHIFT” which is a short film & instrumental album project helmed by Johnathan Machado, and it is about the many experiences humanity is facing in 3 aspects: The Social/Political, Technological, & Spiritual shift. This project is set to go and just needs some backing, go ahead and pledge your amount and support the project here. After the jump is a video depicting in detail what the project is about and how you can support it!

The Project Consists Of:


Centering around the short film, we witness three separate plot lines intertwine into one narrative that seamlessly depicts the social / political , technological, and spiritual shift that humanity is experiencing. These plots are separated in three acts.

ACT 1 : The story of a young rebel who is intent on exposing the fraud and corruption he witnesses in politics. His good natured motives, however, are taken to the drastic extreme in his quest to expose the POLITRICKS

ACT 2 : Rachel is a young woman who is envied by most around her. Young, beautiful, and successful, she leads an apparently fulfilled life. But she battles an inner darkness as she is unconsciously addicted to social media, continuously seeking external validation via MORE LIKES

ACT 3 : A loner / nomad / explorer who has been an outsider most of his life is determined to find that unknown spark which he seeks for. After failing to find it in the external world, he moves the search into the depths of his own mind on his quest to ASCEND

Less dialogue based and more symbolic imagery in nature, the film is driven by the accompanying instrumental album that serves as the soundtrack to the film.


Produced by JMac himself, his collaboration with musician / composer virtuoso Matthew Smith created an intense & moody canvas in which to paint the films vision on.

Being the source behind The Shift’s inspiration, the album features a variety of hip hop / abstract / classical beats and instrumentals that seamlessly transition from one track to the next.

This is supplemented with the score which is embedded within these recordings to create a full immersion into the sound.


Always intent on pushing the limits & boundaries on creative expression, JMac takes his love for graphic design to the next level with a fully animated graphic art reel that takes the The Shift’s artwork to the next level.

Basically a movie within a picture, the artwork for The Shift is composited and digitally animated into a reel that symbolically depicts that plot.

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